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The Altitude Cycling Juniors Primary Program (racing age 9-18) and team is designed to introduce young talent into the world of competitive or recreational cycling and mentor them in the physical and mental aspects of the sport of cycling through coaching and mentoring by experienced, masters level racers. The idea is to build a strong foundation that will carry through into their adult lives. What I aim for is several years away. I want the young athlete to enjoy his or her cycling journey so much so that they still want to be training and racing when they are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond.. (I’m a “beyond” myself). The Juniors program is a fully coached and supported program directed by Coaching Director and Team Director Marty Albe. The main purpose of this is to bring consistency into the young athletes journey into competitive cycling.

The Altitude Cycling U23 Program (racing age 19-23)  and team consists of racers that have typically come up through the Junior ranks and present excellent roll models within the Junior athletes generation. They are expected to strive to be mentors for not only our Juniors, but ambassadors for the sport of cycling. The U23 athlete is encouraged to continue with the coaching program within Altitude Cycling, although it is not required. If the U23 athlete chooses to continue with Altitude Cycling's coaching program, the cost will remain the same as is with the Juniors program if they choose to be coached within a program

High Altitude (Elite) Program (by invitation only, ages 15-18 and U23). This is a high dedication level program and team that involves both the "off" season and "race" season as well as a high level of coaching involvement. The racing requirements described below is not intended for the Elite level program athletes. If a younger athlete is evaluated as ready, consideration may be made for athletes under the racing age of 15. For specific information on this program and team, please contact Team and Coaching Director Marty Albe @ 

*(JR 9-14) Juniors Base Plan*: This plan is designed specifically for Juniors, ages 9-14. The athlete is supplied with a monthly goals and activities program aimed at keeping them active in the sport, but not overwhelming them with workouts designed for older Junior athletes (ages 15-18). Your Junior 9-14 athlete may still sign up for the Primary Program (or High Altitude Program by invitation) for the off season, but this Juniors Base Plan gives you a more basic option. 

The Junior programs are designed with a special focus specific to the younger athletes needs and time allocations. Priority is always going to be the focus on school and family FIRST.. Parents or Guardians are Cc’d on all correspondence for athletes under 18 years of age and are always a welcome participant in any activity presented to their young athlete by Altitude Cycling and/or Altitude Cycling Sports LLC.

The racing season will be considered March through the end of September. The “off” season (there really is no “off” season) is considered October through the end of February (of the following year).

Racing Season (March-Sept {7 months}):

  • (JR/U23) Primary Program: $525.00 for the 7 month race season (can be prorated)
  • (JR/U23) High Altitude (Elite) Program: $700.00 for the 7 month race season (by invitation only, please see contact information in the above program description, can be prorated)
  • *(JR 9-14) Juniors Base Plan*: $210.00 for the 7 month race season (can be prorated) 

“Off” Season (Oct- Feb {5 months}):
  • (JR/U23) Primary Program: $225.00 for the 5 month "off" season (can be prorated)
  • (JR/U23) High Altitude (Elite) Program: $375.00 for the 5 month "off" season (by invitation only, please see contact information in above program description, can be prorated )
  • *(JR 9-14) Juniors Base Plan*: $135.00 for the 5 month "off" season

All payments are due no later than the 5th of the month the program period begins. Financial arrangements can be made for month to month payments. 

In addition to the services provided within the Junior Primary and High Altitude "Race Season" programs for new racers includes a team jersey (racing bibs will also be supplied for High Altitude athletes) and a free TrainingPeaks account (TrainingPeaks not used for *Juniors Base Plan) for your workout schedule. There is no initial set-up cost. We will ask that you agree to the race and donated time minimums required in writing. The team clothing cost may be prorated based on the race season month joined.

You will need to become a USACycling and a BRAC (Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado) member and purchase a racing license (good for 1 year, Jan 1 - Dec 31). Both can be purchased at the same time @

Initial phone consultation is at no cost. The in studio initial evaluation and interview is at no cost.

Please fell free to “Contact Us” with any questions you may have.               

Junior athletes Matt Scavuzzo, Marco Capraro, James Danahey, and Andrew Wise at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in 2012 with their coach and team director Marty Albe
Junior and U23 athletes get course advise from Altitude Cycling's Coaching and Team Director Marty Albe at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in 2013
Altitude Cycling's Junior, U23 and Master racers (and their fans) at the Valley of the Sun Stage Race in 2013
Altitude Cycling's Emma Slenkovich takes an amazing 2nd place overall finish at the 2013 Valley of the Sun Stage Race in her first stage race EVER
Altitude Junior mini-camp in early March 2014. CompuTrainer session with some of our Master Mentors and learning to ride the rollers were two of the activities our Junior athletes took part in. click here to add text.
Valley of the Sun Stage Race 2014. Chillin' before the time trial, Junior athlete warming up for the criterium, and yes,,,, see Mom and Dad, I DID do my homework while we were there..ere to add text.
Altitude Juniors Cycling Team: 4 "Best All Around Juniors Team" awards, 
4 "Best All Around Individual Rider" awards and 
3 Individual State Champions in our first 4 years... 
Left: High Altitude 17-18's showing off some "hardware" from the 2014 Salida Omnium. 

Center: Altitude Juniors team warms up prior to a road race. Fucused,,,but relaxed.

Right: Flyin' High.. High Altitude athlete Nial Irwin leading a group of Junior athletes at the 2014 BRAC Junior Road Camp.
Wyatt Gaulke, yet another "Best All Around Rider" award for Junior Men 17-18 in 2014. Congratulations Wyatt
A massive sprint by one of the 2015 High Altitude Athletes
2015 Colorado Juniors CX Camp with coach Marty Albe